Thursday, March 3, 2011

EB sneak peak

I've almost finished the items I am making for the swap, just need to decide if I am going to make a third item or not...

Here is a wee sneak peak.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew little time

I had planned to do so much today but DH decided to go to Albany and I can never pass up a trip where there are 'big' shops. After taking the twins to school off we went. Of course the first stop was Spotlight where more gorgeous fabric was purchased. We stopped at Dick Smiths so DH could get his 1 terrabyte external hard drive. Then on to another fabric shop where I got a little more fabric, this week I have spent $300 on fabric and sewing related bits and pieces - shhh, don't tell anyone! I've still got more fabric to wash and iron but it's mostly done now, thank goodness, as I don't like ironing much.
The skirt pattern I have been waiting for arrived today and I can't wait to start making some.
This morning as I put Isaac safety belt on he said to me 'I totally love you Mummy and I like you too. He says the sweetest things sometimes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too much fabric

Surely there isn't such a thing as too much fabric.

Today I spent hours overlocking and washing and drying and ironing my most recent purchases. It took hours - yes hours and I'm still doing it. I sorted all the fabric into colours and it looks so pretty ironed and stacked up. Will post photos later.

Tomorrow I will be starting on my EB swap outfit and I'm pretty excited, the fabric is now all washed and ironed and I have the pattern all ready to go.

My heart goes out to everyone in Qld who is being affected by tropical cyclone Yasi, DH and I have been glued to updates all day and it's terrifying just watching it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pillows for school

For Christmas I got a new sewing machine, I spoilt myself and chose a Brother embroidery machine that is all electronic and touch screen. It's a pretty sexy machine - see pic below.

So last night I had a play with the embroidery part of the machine and made these pillows for the twins for school. They were very impressed with them and were laying on them on the lounge when I got up this morning. Noah said his was very comfy hehe.

A shiny new blog

Today I went shopping at Spotlight to buy fabric for the EB Children's clothes swap. We have a limit of $25 to spend on fabric to make an outfit for someone else's child. Unfortunately I found lots of yummy fabric and ended up spending $200 - oops!

This first pic is fabric for the EB swap, it took me forever to decide but now that I have a pattern and the fabric I'm really happy with it.

This fabric is going to be a new handbag for me, I just love the vintage look it has.

Pretty fabric I liked, will eventually be made into something I sell.

More pretty fabric.

This fabric was marked at 75% off, so I got 2mts of each. It is Christmas fabric but it's not too Christmasy so I plan to make it up into cute skirts.

Oh I love these colours, I've ordered the pattern below from Crafty Mamas and think these fabrics will look too cute made up in a skirt.
Tomorrow the twins go back to Kindy but this year they go FULL TIME - I'm a bit excited. And Hamish has daycare the next two days so I plan on lots of time in my new sewing room.